Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Fat Hippo, Jesmond

It's good when a plan comes together, and when the plan involves friends, dancing and my new year resolution so much the better!  So today found me at The Fat Hippo in Jesmond with a friend ordering tea and a club sandwich before going to French dancing at the British Legion up the road - nice!
I'd spotted the Fat Hippo a few weeks ago and put it on the hit list, then had cold feet as I thought it might be more of a restaurant than a tea shop.  I found it to be the kind of place you might go for a snack and being Jesmond it was very trendy.  We were the only oldies there and during our stay a couple of parties of students came in.  The decor was mustard yellow walls, grey paintwork, wooden floors, a rather lovely dandelion clock light, tables and chairs for two (but staff willing to push tables together). Music vibrant but not unpleasantly loud.
The tea was served in individual pots, just enough for two of their nice sized cups.  The club sandwiches were enormous!  half a stottie (bet they say ciabatta in Jesmond) with plenty of filling (I had cajun chicken with roasted red pepper and BBQ sauce), chips and a salad garnish.  Enticing though the caramel shortbread sounded, we did have the dancing to go to...
So yes, I'd rate the place.  A cut above my usual cheap and cheerful standard but definitely one for the young and trendy or those who think they are!

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  1. It's a bit like a naff Butterfly Cabinet. Sweet enough but the imitation doesn't quite live up to the mark...handy to have it in Jesmond, though.